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    Wall Art

    Almost all my clients, coworkers , and coworker's clients inquire about this unique wall art.

    Posture Corrector

    Whether you're on your feet a lot like me, sit for long periods, or just have bad posture, this provides great relief.

    Bluetooth Speaker

    My favorite, sturdy party in a box. Comes in multiple colors.

    Portable Charger

    Great for travelers or if you're always on the go.


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    Lovely Pieces by B’-Specialty partial-wig units that are quickly installed by simply clipping them in.

    Units are made with high quality human hair using a stretchable base. With proper maintenance, most units can last up to and beyond 6 months, are versatile and can be styled in various ways (visit my YouTube channel for maintenance and styling tips.

    Items pictured below are ready to ship. Custom order form is now available, but please allow up to a 48-hour response time and confirmation.

    *Disclaimer-Latex glue is used in the construction of units unless stated otherwise. Non-latex construction may be requested on the custom unit order form.