• How To Start The Process 

    There are a few things that can be done prior to a consult appointment if you are interested in getting a medical wig/cranial prosthesis.



    • Know your medical benefits
    • Verify with your insurance provider what your policy covers(the specific reimbursement amount and number of wigs).
    • There should be a section under "covered expenses" for prosthesis, prosthetic devices or medical durable equipment
    • If you speak to your insurance representative, get their first and last name, date, and phone number with extention
    • Obtain a printed copy of detailed coverage information 


    • May be able to provide you with a prescription for a "medically necessary full cranial hair prosthesis" according to and depending on your diagnosis.
    • Make sure to use correct procedure and diagnosis code. The codes can sometimes change per year but as of 1/2023, procedure code is similiar to A9282


    • To help expedite the process, I can also check some insurance benefits prior to your appointment.
    • Fill out the form providing your insurance information and schedule an appointment with me for a cranial prosthesis consult. 
  • Will my insurance cover my cranial-prosthesis(medical wig)?

    Did you know there are various reasons for hair loss? Some of them include heredity, vitamin deficiencies, hypertension, stress, lupus, cancer, and more. Have you had any tests done by your doctor that may indicate a medical condition(determined through blood work or some other tests)? Depending on your policy, most insurance companies cover between 50 to 100% of a cranial prosthesis if you are wearing a wig for medical reasons and experiencing medical hair loss.

    Let's see if you qualify! Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible.